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It is quite frightening to drive around with traffic ticket warrants in Wylie. It’s quite easy to forget about old tickets. We often get busy with day to day life and things can get away from us.

Did you know that you can deal with traffic ticket warrants many different ways? Let’s go through them.
1. Pay the ticket
2. Post cash bond
3. Hire a traffic ticket attorney

Should I just pay the ticket? My advice is no way! You might ask why? Well let me tell you what happens when you do this. It goes on your driving record. What happens when tickets go on your record? A lot of things. Your insurance premiums can go up. You would be surprised at how much your premiums can go up after a conviction for a moving violation appears on your record. Click here to see if you have a warrant.

The second option is posting a cash bond. This is a good option but not the best option. What does posting a cash bond do? What is a cash bond? Let’s start with the definition. A cash bond is money posted with the court, typically the amount of the citation. Putting this money up with the court removes the warrant and you promise to appear at court or forfeit the money put up to lift your warrant. What’s the benefit of posting a cash bond? Your warrant is lifted and you get the opportunity to request deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication keeps the citation off of your record.

The third option is to hire a traffic ticket attorney. This option is much like the option listed above but it’s much cheaper. You pay an attorney a small fee to avoid posting a cash bond. The attorney posts an attorney bond which is like a cash bond and you get a new court date. This way you do not have to spend your money on a cash bond. This is the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of traffic ticket warrants.

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