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Warrant / Jail Release Attorney

At London & London we can get you out of jail if you are being held on traffic ticket warrants. Attorneys have the power to post traffic ticket bail bonds. Most people believe bail bond companies actually post traffic ticket bail bonds, but in Texas this is not the case. When you hire a bail bond company to get someone out of jail or post traffic ticket bail bonds, they just hire a lawyer to post the bond. Bail bond companies make money as being a middleman so to speak.

You can save a significant amount of money by hiring London and London to post just the traffic ticket portion of your loved ones bail bond. You always save money when you cut out the middleman. Bail bond companies can charge up to $200 per traffic warrant, at London and London our fee for a traffic ticket bail bond can be as little $50 per traffic warrant.

Not only will London and London post the traffic ticket bail bond we will represent you in court free of charge. Ask your bail bond company if you will also get representation in court from the attorney they are referring you. Often these attorneys will not represent you in court unless you pay an additional fee.
Go to an attorney directly for the posting of traffic ticket bail bonds. At London & London you will get the best service in getting you out promptly and representing you in court. Call now 214-994-5562.