At London & London our attorneys are experienced in handling felony and misdemeanor assault family violence cases. Collectively our attorneys have handled hundreds and hundreds of assault family violence cases and have even secured dismissals without the necessity of trial in some cases. Mr. London is a Former Chief family violence prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and knows these cases inside and out. Most of these cases involve individuals who are labeled intimate partners (husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend), but can also include mere roommates or blood relatives.

Dallas Assault Family Violence cases are very serious. You need an experienced assault family violence attorney to fight your domestic or family violence case. The consequences of being found guilty of a family violence assault can be severe. Often prosecutors require an affirmative finding of family violence be placed on someone’s record charge with this type of offense. An affirmative finding of family violence will stay on your record forever and can hinder your ability to own or possess a gun or firearm. This is even true if you successfully complete deferred adjudication probation. Additionally, subsequent family or domestic violence assault arrests can automatically be enhanced to a felony.

You should fight to avoid an affirmative finding of family violence from being placed on your record. Contact the Assault Family Violence attorneys at London & London today and we will work hard to resolve your assault family violence case.

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