Warrants Lifted as low as $50 per Ticket!

A good traffic ticket attorney can help keep tickets off your driving record and reduce the amount of money you have to pay a traffic ticket court. When a traffic ticket lawyer is successful in keeping traffic tickets or moving violations off your driving record there are a few benefits:


If you fail to respond to a traffic citation in the time allowed by the traffic ticket court a warrant will be issued for your arrest on the overdue traffic tickets. Even though traffic tickets are Class C Misdemeanors you can still be arrested for traffic ticket warrants. Experienced traffic ticket attorneys at London & London can quickly remove or lift your traffic ticket warrants.

A traffic ticket attorney’s primary goals are first to try and get your traffic tickets dismissed if a dismissal of the traffic ticket is not possible we will fight to keep the traffic tickets off your driving record. By getting the traffic tickets dismissed or keeping the ticket off your record you will not assessed surcharges and fees by the state, which must be paid before you renew your driver’s license.

The typical outcome when you hire a traffic ticket attorney is dismissal of the traffic ticket or deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication is a type of probation offered by a traffic ticket court which if completed successfully a ticket will not go on your record, will not be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety, and will not be reported to your insurance company. The typical length of the probation is 90 to 180 days. You cannot receive addition traffic tickets in this time frame.

At London & London, we have among the most competitive fees in the Dallas area. Legal fees which include the lifting or removal of a traffic ticket warrant start at $50 flat. At the law office of London & London we will never charge you an additional fee if a traffic ticket is in warrant status. Our pricing is based on the distance of the traffic ticket court from our principal office.

Common citations handled:

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