$600 Total Attorneys Fees for
ANY DALLAS COUNTY MISDEMEANOR resolved without trial

THE COLONY Criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of London & London are ready to fight for you

Whether you have been charged with a Dallas County misdemeanor or a felony, it is important that you contact a skilled THE COLONY criminal defense attorney. Criminal convictions leave a permanent stain on your record, and may damage personal relationships or limit future professional opportunities. At London & London, our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of clients throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Our attorneys are well-versed in criminal defense, and have helped our clients avoid jail, probation, and other legal penalties. At our firm, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights, and providing them with compassionate legal care, aggressive negotiation, and personalized attention.

We handle all criminal areas including but not limited to:

Contact us today for a free consultation! Payment plans available for misdemeanors and felonies. Dallas County Misdemeanor representation only requires a down payment of $50! 214-748-5200.